Saturday, November 26, 2011

Project Gundam

So my dad gave me money to buy a Gundam plastic model, or GUNPLA for short. It was Saturday, and I had just finished my convocation ceremony at Dewan Gemilang Mercu Idaman, German-Malaysian Institute, Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. So for lunch, my dad brought me and my stepmom (for those who didn't know, I live with my dad and stepmom in Perlis. My real mom is in KL with my brother and stepbrother. Now you know.) to McDonald's Sungei Wang Plaza. I was craving for Chicken McDeluxe so I had one. Then there was a GUNPLA expo there, near the restaurant. So I check it out. The prices were OK. My dad asked me did I want one, so I had to make a tough call on which GUNPLA I want. My choices were:

1. Gundam Exia 1/60. Pricing was near to RM 150.
2. Gundam Exia Avalanche 1/100 (I think). Pricing in RM 110 or less.
3. Aile Strike Gundam 1/144 RG Grade. Price was RM 83.

Since RG Grade is a new grade, so I picked that one. And it was the cheapest in the list too. And the Aile Strike Gundam was the number 3 product released by Bandai. The first was RX-78 and the Zaku Custom piloted by Char Aznabel second. Plus, if I am not mistaken, Freedom Gundam was the fourth one. But I haven't seen it yet. So I had to make do with Aile Strike Gundam.

Here are the pictures of my RG Grade Aile Strike Gundam in the box. I haven't begin doing it yet. So, next time I will post the completed GUNPLA. Until next time. (I think my English sucked. All in favor say AYE)

If you notice, this GUNPLA has a endoskeleton (Shown on the side of the box). This is new for 1/144 scale model.

Top view of the box.

Inside the box with the manual on the right.

As you can see, the stickers are generous compared to the old models, and on the right is the endoskeleton parts. Simple right?

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