Saturday, July 16, 2011

Geng Baju Hitam Visits Penang (or Seberang Perai to be exact) Part 2

This is the second part to the epic journey of Geng Baju Hitam during their short vacation to the Pearl Island, Pulau Pinang.

We woke up at 10.30 a.m. that Saturday morning. We went to the condominium's swimming pool for our first activity that day. The clock shows 12.00 p.m. when we finished the swim. The plan was to go to Kapitan, a 24 hours Mamak restaurant situated nearby to AEON Jusco somewhere around Nami's condominium. Nami recommends for the Nasi Briyani, thus majority of us go ahead with the recommendation. Some of us ordered Chicken Briyani, and some of us Mutton Briyani. It was good, but not good enough, in my opinion. It is served in a claypot, and yes, the rice was plenty. Face this with empty stomach, then you will enjoy it!

Next, we went to Sunway Carnival Mall. First thing we did is to perform the solat. Then some of us take the opportunity to buy some stuffs that were on sale. I did not buy anything, I am short on money. Need to be money wise, yeah. Then we went to watch "Sekali Lagi" at 3.30 p.m. I am not a fan of Malay movie, but this movie was great. Starring Shaheizy Sam (is it the correct spelling? I just called him like that), Lisa Surihani (hehehehe), Mia Sara (this kid is so popular these days. Lucky kid. Good acting too) and Bront Palarae (I salute you man for your character's portrayal.). What makes this movie great is the storyline itself. It was arranged so that you will speculates what is what, what happened and all the questions pop out of your head while going through the movie. The director or the screenplay was so genius the speculations you guys just did is answered one by one. Genius I tell you. Good job. See it to believe. Enough said. All I can say it is not a waste of money after all.

Next we planned to have barbeque at the seaside of Pantai Bersih, so we went to find the barbeque's ingredients at Carrefour and  AEON Jusco. Finished looking for the stuffs, we head back to base and prepare the barbeque, solat, watching the news on TV and Internet for Bersih 2.0 rally happening that day, played some dart and shower.  At 9.00 p.m we head straight for Pantai Bersih, situated at Bagan Ajam.

We had a good barbeque that night. We had sausages, BBQ marinated chicken and some homemade shisha (more like seaside made shisha, am I right?) After that, we went to Al-Arjan for second night of fabulous shisha.

Two shisha were ordered. One homemade, the other was I cannot remember, but I do remember it has pineapple in the top part of the shisha. Was it called? I only know it as "dapuq" (it is the one that the charcoal is put on top of it). Aqharie and me ordered Special Beef Burger ( a typical beefburger with the addition of egg and cheese) for our supper. And at last I finished watching KL Gangster that night. Finally! Thanks Al-Arjan. You complete me. HEHEHE.

We finished the night early by returning to base at 3 something in the morning and slept a while before solat Subuh. That's all for Part 2. Anticipate Part 3 soon peeps.

P.S. - Part 1 Melayu. Part 2 English. Part 3?

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