Thursday, December 09, 2010


I think imma make video game reviews or movie reviews...Let us hope it did happen....Or else this blog was not worth my time and space in Google server...So, stay tuned..If there's people read this piece of junk in the first place that is... Or this blog shall rot and decay like leaves in the ground. Forgotten.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Cashing Out

Lat tali lat Old Town!

Sapa xpernah tengok iklan Old Town ni kan..Lagipun, semua tempat ada Old Town sekarang. Cuma sekarang, satu persoalan...

Ada orang kata, Old Town xhalal. Sejauh mana kebenaran tu aku xtaw. Kalau betul xhalal, macamana leh buat iklan gempak2 kan? Merata ada iklan. Xkan kerajaan xamik peduli kot? Tu je la persoalan yang timbul setiap kali nampak iklan Old Town kat TV or surat khabar mahupun radio. Jadi..Halal ke x? U tell me.

PS -

Congratulations to you, I guess
What else can I say?
You're right I'm amazed you show up ten years too late
You sure as hell won't stay

Monday, December 06, 2010


I had made a major modification to the blog's layout and if you did notice, the URL was also changed. Aha, and I hereby promoting my Network Security classmates newest blog, FreakTerus! Go ahead and drop some comments people!

Here is the link! FreakTerus!

PS - Let's all sing the tune, A declaration of the truth, and let's all scream the song, the melody to our call of arms