Monday, September 27, 2010


no words shall be uttered...obvious phailure is a phailure...

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I just don’t get it....

Sekarang ni kecoh dengan isu kes bunuh Dato Sosilawati. And my mum said that “Datuk” paid his minions RM 2500-RM 5000 to execute the murder.

Well, what a cheap payment for a kill man. In movies, koman-koman assassins ambil dalam $1 million. That’s right kids. 1 million. In Dollars. I think the price is that high because to compensate for the risks they take. For one, the risk of getting caught. Number two, the risk of planning and executing the plan. Number three, the equipment and expenses costs. So, usually that high.
Why so cheap for this case? Is it “ I love my boss. I don’t care how much he pays me. I want to work for him all my entire life! This is awesome.” or something like that. If the information is correct la...Kalau salah jangan marah la no!

Lagi satu..Kalau main bowling la kan.Pin belah kanan, tinggal hujung. Ada sorang mat ni pulak terer main swing/hook. Tapi, awat dia pi swing dari kanan masuk kiri. Pin belah kanan, hujung ja yang tinggal woi!!!! Aku serius tak paham apa yang beliau cuba lakukan. Confirm la tak kena. Adess.. Explain pl0x!

Lastly, why the baby pics as profile picture? Expain yourself...Nuff said

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