Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

If Zombie Apocalypse Did Happen

Soalan yang aku baru tertanya diri aku sendiri. Kalau betul la zombie apocalypse ni benar-benar terjadi, kita rakyat Malaysia nak deal macamana dengan event ni? Kita bukan duduk US. Kalau kat US firearms belambak. Malah they got right to bear arms. And then depa ada geng redneck (read: geng hulu tapi stock weapons belambak), so kemungkinan nak deal dengan zombie apocalypse takdak masalah sangat kan?

Tapi kita kat Malaysia ni apa ada? Senjata api seriously tak banyak dalam pendapat aku. Senjata konvensional / tradisional banyak la; parang keris apa semua tu. Advantage tu memang. Pasal tak pakai peluru. Just bergantung dekat tenaga kudrat si pemegang senjata. Tapi lama-lama letih la kan? Dah letih memang kena gangbang la. Last-last kita pun jadi zombie. What a way to go. Becomes one with the ones that we tried to defend ourselves from in the first place.

Martial artist pun kita ramai. Tapi macam senjata traditional, kita kena close range and memerlukan tenaga. Habis tenaga maka habislah kita. So nak selamat, jangan engage the zombies, retreat. Itu ja penyelesaian terbaik. Tapi soalan yang aku nak tanya ni bukan senjata api apa semua tu. Bukan how to kill the zombies. Or   how to survive the zombie apocalypse. No. Aku nak tanya if orang kesayangan anda jadi zombie, what will you do?

Contoh, kat tangan anda ada pistol. Dan let's say abang atau kakak anda baru sahaja jadi zombie. Can you PULL THE TRIGGER? Anda renung tepat ke mata mereka. Dan instant flashback of memories flooded your mind. All the good times you guys had before. How you loved them. Can you do it? They are your loved ones. Not some random people. Itu kalau ada pistol. Kalau takdak pistol, ada parang, macamana? Lagi kejam nak tetak orang kan? Your loved ones lak tu kan. Darah mereka memercik ke muka, mengelupur. Sanggup tak? Aku rasa majoriti mesti tak sanggup. Malah mungkin ada yang akan rebah melutut ke bumi dan menangis. Normal. Itu manusia.

Tapi kita kerap kali dengar kes kat Malaysia yang tercinta ni ahli keluarga kena tetak or belasah dengan ahli keluarga sendiri. Dilakukan dalam keadaan sedar. Bukan terpaksa (mungkin terpaksa sebab nak duit or whatever, but still, bukan kondisi yang memerlukan tindakan kejam sebegitu dilakukan). Apa dalam fikiran mereka ketika itu? Adakah sifat kemanusiaan sudah terhakis? Hilang? Aku tak tau. Aku bukan pakar psikologi.

So renung-renungkanlah, if zombie apocalypse did happen, will you kill the ones you loved so that they stay dead and doesn't come for your meat and brains?

End Of October

So peeps, here comes the last Friday for October. What have you achieved in the last 10 months? Nothing significant? No worries. We have a long way to go. Buckle up and full throttle.

And by the way, I would like to congratulate to all that have graduated in their studies this year. You have struggled and here you are, a scroll to show the world what you have accomplished during the study period. Kudos. Be proud of yourself.

Me? I will receive my scroll on the 19th November this year. Think you guys were the only ones graduating?

I think my writing is so typical. Boring as hell. I'm sorry if people did read this blog. I am not creative. Sorry.

Things I Want

Sebelum hampa baca list aku ni, try la search lagu "Things I Want" dendangan Tenacious D dengan Sum 41. Dah cari? Then play em while reading this. Baru rasa awesome. So here you go, a list of all the cool shit I want...

1. A brand new laptop with a dedicated graphic card, regardless of brands and also equipped with a strong processor unit.
2. A decent gaming desktop for you know, heavy gaming? Need this to play those graphic hogging games.
3. A smartphone. Does not decide for an iPhone or a BlackBerry or other smartphones. Any recommendations?
4. A camera. The camera that can do the job. Anything from DSLR or a standard digi-cam would suffice.
5. A MP3 player. An iPod or any value for money MP3 player. Might go with Sony Walkman.
6. An earphones. An awesome one.
7. A gold dinar. For the future.

I think this is the things I want in the near future. What about you?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Twitter-Tony Stark Theory

You got Facebook? Most of you did. And you got Twitter? Not many has one. But still, I would like to share with you my theory on these two social networking sites. I come up with this theory while on Twitter.

OK. You see Facebook is for me, is like Iron Man. Yeah, that gold and red high-tech armor suit that can fly and shoots laser beam out of his palm and has light on his chest. Yes, that guy. Why I said that? It is because on Facebook, people tend to show that they are cool, strong and they showed to the public what they are on the outside or you might say externally. Handsome, beautiful and all those likable characteristics. Seldom did people shows their true colors on Facebook. Thus Iron Man is said to personified this. Cool, strong and perfect on design and application. But who is Iron Man? It is worn by Tony Stark, the creator. He is human. A living organism. Unlike his creation, a metal suit with power beyond imagination.

Twitter is Tony Stark. People who have Twitter tends to express what they feel emotionally here. They don't mind letting people see their tweets. Heck, they even felt good, comfortable by doing so because they have expressed what they feel. Letting their emotions out. Relieve the pain and pressure brewing inside their core. Only the people following that guy or girl on Twitter will know what the person really is.

I used the Tony Stark and Iron Man because initially my theory is since Facebook is just used as a public face of oneself, acting all cool and cute, while on Twitter we are just being human, insecure and full of angst. The equation for my ridiculous theory is:

Facebook = Public face of you. Acting tough and lovable and all those kind. read: hypocrite / masked
Twitter = Your real face. The REAL you.

Iron Man = Suit of armor. The public regards him as a superhero. Strong and tough.
Tony Stark = The man behind the suit of armor. Alcoholic, playboy and possessing qualities of a normal human.

Therefore Facebook is Iron Man while Twitter is Tony Stark. I know this does not make sense. But hey, it is my theory. Just sharing what I think.

If you got both Twitter and Facebook, you know what I am talking about. =). And if there is a sudden influx of new Twitter follower requests after this post has been published, I know where you people got the push from.